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Mobile & Portable Device Backup & Recovery
DS-Client Mobile Backup/Restore Solution

Enterprise laptop users or single-PC home office customers typically have no complex network backup requirements. As well, in these simple configurations, much of the rich functionality contained within our standard backup software is simply overkill. These customers, and our small-business users need more than typical mass-market backup products can offer – but at affordable rate and with maximum flexibility.

For these businesses, which often have several desktop computers, and numerous laptops and some network-attached storage units, Qunatum RBS Mobile Client provides an all-inclusive backup and recovery service that ensures all crucial data is safely backup-up to a secure, offsite data center.

Quantum RBS new Mobile Client service lets users add an unlimited number of laptops and storage devices and then pay as they go, with no upfront payment and no per-seat charge. It offers all the features of its enterprise backup technology, including agentless operation, easy deployment, and intelligent secure data compression. And, unlike most mass-market backup services, which retain only the last 30 days of data, Quantum RBS offers the ability to retain deleted files in the backup set forever.

Additionally, automatic backup scheduling is optimized for portable computers - upon missing a scheduled backup, the Mobile Client automatically initiates data backup the instant the laptop locates the data repository through a TCP/IP connection.

With Quantum RBS's Mobile Client, numerous devices can be added to one account. The service is also very cost-effective compared to other similar services.

Quantum RBS Mobile Client Features
  • Fast backup and recovery via intuitive wizards and easy-to-understand options.
  • Self-management so that any user can backup and restore their own data anytime, anywhere.
  • Simple and jargon-free design for novice users.
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