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For questions regarding Quantum RBS Inc. managed offsite, backup and recovery service, please view the following. If you are not able to find an answer to a question, please feel free to contact us.

What is Managed Offsite Backup and Recovery?
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Where is our data stored?
What Operating System Platforms are supported?
What Email Platforms are Supported?
What database platforms are supported?
What are the offsite security features of Quantum RBS?
What are advanced data backup features, and how does it save us money?
How are we protected in the event of a power failure?
What happens when we lose our internet connection?
Is there a cost to perform data restores?
How long does it take to backup our data?
How long does it take to recover data?
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What is Managed Offsite Backup and Recovery:

Quantum RBS Inc. managed offsite backup recovery services offers reliability with peace of mind, through our own Canadian centralized and managed secure data center service. We manage and maintain all the hardware, software, power, cooling, telecommunications, fibre, redundancy, replication, fail over, technical expertise, licensing and monitoring to ensure 24/7/365 client reliability and optimized data availability.

Through our robust and enhanced feature rich service, we remove the onus and responsibility of our clients necessity to manage and maintain complex business continuity services. Quantum RBS Inc. services offer businesses the opportunity to have their data professional monitored, managed and maintained, giving them the ability to better focus on their core business competencies, which is running their business.

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Solutions Categories:

  • Agentless Multi-site
  • Archiving
  • Business Continuity
  • Data Protection
  • Data Reduction
  • Data Retention
  • De duplication
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Disk Based Backup
  • Encryption
  • Managed Service Provider
  • Online Backup
  • Security
  • Physical to Virtual (P2V) Immediate Local Site Recovery
  • Virtual to Virtual (V2V) Immediate in the Cloud Site Crash Recovery
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    Quantum RBS Inc. Agent less Architecture:

    QRBS agent less architecture provides a simple installation and setup process. By installing our software on one computer or server, we provide businesses the ability to protect their entire organization, from one computer, without the necessity of having to install agent software on every computer within your environment, requiring protection.

    This architecture provides a simple yet robust, graphical user interface to provide a help-desk support role function within your organization. The ability to separate and define departmental roles of responsibility for control management to department specific personnel, are easily defined, all from one central console.

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    Where is our data store:

    Quantum RBS Inc. is a 100% Canadian based company utilizing Class A secure data center services. The data vaults used by QRBS are located in multiple secure facilities in Canada that have state of the art power and server redundancy, lock down and fire suppression. Current storage vault facilities utilized by Quantum RBS Inc., are located in Ontario and Alberta, Canada.

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    Supported Operating System Platforms:

    We support a wide range of operating systems:

  • Windows - Servers, Desktops and Notebooks
  • Linux - SUSE, RedHat, Fedora and Mandriva
  • MAC - Servers, Desktops and Notebooks
  • Novell
  • Solaris
  • IBM " AS/400
  • Sun
  • VMWare and HP-Ux
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    Supported Email Platforms:

    The Quantum RBS Inc. mailbox backup and recovery process integrates very intuitive and intelligent services. Our built-in message level restore agent, give businesses the flexible options to recovery not only complex mail stores, but allows simple recovery or migration of individual mailboxes utilizing block level and file level restore capabilities. Through our advanced filtering service, administrators are easily able to exclude for example, Deleted email folders from being backed up to save on data storage and provide increased manageability.

    Supported Email Clients and Email Services:

  • Exchange
  • Lotus Notes
  • Groupwise
  • Sharepoint
  • SQL
  • Oracle
  • HP
  • DB2
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    Database Technologies Supported:

    Whatever your hours of business, we offer 24/7 peace of mind. After all, it simply isn't feasible to close down applications and lose valuable time restoring databases from backups. Your critical information is constantly changing, and we can make sure you restore from the most up-to-date backup if the worst happens.


    Hot database backups for SQL Oracle, DB2 and all other database formats can be scheduled continuously throughout the day. Never lose a day’s work due to a restore being performed from the previous night’s backup.

    How it works:

    Stage 1: QRBS agent less client initiates all contact with the database, utilizing the database server’s own internal mechanisms to make a ‘dump’ of the database while it is running.

    Stage 2: The digital signature of the dump is analyzed and compared with the digital signature held within the client from the previous backup. If the signature is the same no further action is taken as no changes have been made to the database.

    Stage 3: If the signature is different, the backup client software compares both files at block level and identifies only the changes which require backup.

    Once these processes are complete, the file is then automatically sent offsite to Quantum RBS Inc's secure data center and the buffer is cleared.

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    What are the Security Features of Quantum RBS Inc. Services

    Security is always a concern when dealing with the Internet and especially when transferring personal files and sensitive information. Not only is it important to our customers, but it is also a prime concern of Quantum RBS Inc. Without security in every aspect of our service, our own business and reputation would be in jeopardy. That is why we have taken substantial precautions to ensure the security of your data not only while in transit to the data center, but also while stored at the data center.

    All data is encrypted with DES, AES128-256 bit encryption options and is compressed at the clients location prior to offsite transmission. Data is also stored in this format at our 24/7/365 security monitored data centers, making intrusion and unauthorized access to your data virtually impossible.

    Only authorized staff and personnel with their own unique security pin code and photo ID have the ability to access any of our data centers at anytime. The physical location of our data centers, while located in Canada are also kept confidential to prevent any physical or terrorist threats.

    While there are always threats of intrusion in any business organization, every security measure and precautionary measures are implemented with frequent security auditing to ensure reliable intrusion detection methods. Due to the format in which a clients data is stored at our secure centers, any intrusion would render the information useless. A private, public encryption key pair generated at the time of your unique account creation is required in addition to your own unique encrypted cookie, before your data is returned to readable format. Our firewall and security intrusion detection systems automatically detect and block any unwarranted or any unsolicited visitor access.

    To perform full systems tests or full restores, only recognized, authorized clients and partners will be granted the ability. A telephone call to our service center is required to perform complete or full system restores to an entirely different location, computer or entirely different system. If a client or partner is not authorized or recognized they will not be granted the ability to restore your data, without your business manager and/or a recognized level C manager approval.

    Your data is safe with us!

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    What are the Advanced Technology Features of Quantum RBS Inc. Services

    The advanced technology features of the Quantum RBS Inc. backup service platform are very intuitive and very robust, German Engineered, with more than 22 years of technology innovation and experience behind it.

    Here is a list of some of the features that help save your company dollars on its data backup, resources and media costs:

  • Agent less Architecture: Reduces the learning curve and enhances your businesses easy setup, installation and configuration. One installation, to one computer, simple setup with an easy to use Graphical Friendly User Interface, no agent software to install on each and every computer, will have you up, running and managing your backup/restore service in relatively little time.
  • File De-duplication: Through our advanced file de duplication process, only one copy of duplicate files are ever backed up, resulting in reduced media storage requirements, reduced data storage costs and maximizes your data restore options. Never outgrow your business!
  • Compression: Through our advanced compression features, our service compresses your raw data storage, on average between 60-90%. Again, this feature results in reduced media storage requirements, reduced storage costs and optimizes your data restoration processes by as much as 95% over older traditional backup and recovery methods.
  • Retention Policies: Through our easy to use Graphical User Interface, administrators have the ability to define pretension policies that are in line with their business needs. While there is no limit to the amount of data you can protect or the amount of time you can safeguard your data with Quantum RBS Inc. we offer businesses the ability to remove from online storage, files that have been deleted more than 30/60/90/120/365 days prior and to have them also removed from online storage. In this way, a business is not paying for or managing data no longer required by the company.
  • Delta-Blocking: Through our advanced Delta-Blocking technology, once the first full backup is completed, only the changed blocks of data are backed up on a continual daily basis. Through our advance Delta-blocking technology feature, your data storage results in as much as a 98% reduction in media and storage requirements... providing again more optimization of your data, reduced costs and speedier data recovery.
    Through the advanced Delta-block technology build inherent into our application, your daily backup times are reduced to minutes vs. the hours required by manual tape or disk copy processes.
  • Bare Metal Restore Capabilities: With our Bare Metal Restore Capabilities, an organization has the ability to recover from a complete system failure or server crash to an entirely different computer with completely different hardware. Easily, effortlessly and with a technician by your side.

    Test Simulations: In our test lab, we simulate test restores at client requests and conduct tests on a continual basis. Recently, simulation to a 25 user office was conducted to test a real time crash restore using our online recovery over a basic DSL line. The test involved recovering everything previously backed up from a Windows 2003 Advanced, IBM Infinity Server to an HP ProLiant Server. In less than 12 hours, 22GB of client data with permissions was completely restored; the entire Exchange mail store with user mailboxes recovered in less than 2 hours; and in as little as 30 minutes our technicians completely restored all the environmental system settings, with users accounts, permissions and shares, without client reconfiguration, the ability to logon, with immediate access to client emails and folder shares for immediate access.

  • It is important to note, recovery of this same environment using our portable DS-System and/or from a local restore would have reduced the online simulation to as little as 2-4 hours or less.

    As an example: A recent actual restore of a 75GB SQL database, utilizing local copy and online file storage, was completely restored in just under 4 hours.

    Rest assured, Quantum RBS Inc. and it's technical support services work closely with you every step of the way to ensure your maximized and speedy business recovery!

  • Autonomic Healing: Our vault center Autonomic Healing functionality delivers what no tape backup, external USB drive, CD/DVD backup or businesses providing file based offsite backup, can provide: guaranteed data integrity with zero corruption. Our automated method of verifying the validity of all backup data, correct any problems encountered with data corruption or logical inconsistencies caused by third-party products ensure your reliable readiness for data recovery.
  • Automatic Email and Pager Notification: Get pro-activity through our automated backup notifications to identify and resolve problems before they happen. Receive automatic daily email or pager notifications of your daily backup activity. Upon completion of your daily/nightly backup activity, an email outline your backup details, complete with the identification of the backup set name, the number of files transmitted, errors with description for cause and the time duration of the backup activity is supplied automatically to your email or pager notification each and every day.
  • Backup Life Cycle Management System (BLM): Through Quantum RBS Inc. BLM, companies now have the ability to keep offsite data required to meet governmental regulated and compliance issues. Previous archival tape and media can be easily copied and/or migrated over to BLM for a convenient and reliable retrieval of archived data. Through our feature rich ad hoc reporting options inherit built-in to our service, a company has the ability to conduct periodic audits to examine changing data patterns and trends. By identifying stale or unused data, a company has the ability to separate important data from critical data. Separating data into sectors of importance, improves a companies efficiency in performing critical restore options.
  • File Revision: There are up to 9,999 file revision levels available at the file or folder level. If you have ever overwritten a file or program with a newer version and needed to return it to a previously good or working copy, through our file revision levels, you can relax. Data restores complete within seconds, returning your overwritten copy to working copy without any necessity re-work.
  • Local Restore Options: During the setup and configuration of our service, the the ability to have your backup copied locally to any computer or server within your network is available. Contained in the Local Restore copy is the most recent data backup. In the event of a catastrophic data loss this ensures speedier data recovery going to offsite storage for any data that is not stored on the local copy backup.
  • Automatic Upgrades: As technology continually evolves there is a dedicated research and development team that ensures our product functions with operational efficiency to support changing technologies.

    Before a system wide upgrade is released, a notification of the upgrade will be supplied to all partners and clients 48 hours prior to the upgrade process. Upgrades are normally scheduled to transpire over a weekend or holiday to ensure minimal delay and increased efficiency in delivered service. Service upgrades and newer version releases are then automatically downloaded and applied to your location, transparently and automatically the next time you connect. No human intervention or interruptions to service are ever required.
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    How Are We Protected in the event of a Power Failure

    Our secure data centers use state-of-the-art battery and eco-friendly power backup sources. Should any of the city's that we house our secure data center services, ever experience a power outage or blackout, our data center has adequate power backup to ensure reliable power availability to our data center services for as many as five days or longer.

    When your office building or city ever experiences a power outage or blackout, your data will resume backup from where it left off from the previous backup as soon as power is restored.

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    What happens when we lose our Internet connection

    Let's face it, the internet is vast and a complex matrix of router devices and communication lines, where we have all experienced interrupts to our internet connections at some point and time.

    At Quantum RBS Inc. secure and reliable data centers, we have redundant, automatic fail over internet connection line to ensure that there is never an interruption to internet connections into our data center.

    If your office experiences lost internet connections, you are protected in one of three ways:
    1) Automatic local copy.
    2) Retry attempts (unlimited).
    3) Resume from last backup before interrupt.

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    Is there a cost for doing data restores

    There are no hidden or additional charges for restoring data. You are free to perform and test restores whenever you want or need.

    For the purpose of test simulations or to conduct a full system recovery after a failure or crash, we staff only certified and qualified technicians to perform test simulations and complete recovery processes. During complete system recovery processes you are placed into a priority 1 status, to which we deploy all necessary and available resources to bring your business back on-line, often in as little as 4 hours to 48 hours, depending on the size and structure of your business. To obtain detailed information and pricing for these services, please contact our office to learn more.

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    How long does it take to backup our data

    Your internet connection speed does have an impact on the speed at which your data can be transmitted to offsite storage. Depending on the type of data being protected, its compression after encryption and the speed of an internet connection, we have continued to experience as little as 4GB (slow line dial up) to as high as 25GB or higher transmits after the first day of setup. There are a few ways that large amounts of data can be transmitted for your continued and ongoing offsite backup support services:

    1.) With existing tape, external disk or DVD based backups already in place, we define your offsite backup schedule definitions to transpire after your internal processes have completed. For companies requiring 100's of GB's of data transfer, this is often accomplished through advanced configuration settings, within the application, complete in approximately seven to fourteen days.

    With adequate computing resources and available advanced configuration options, these backups can perform without impacting networking and computing resources while your business conducts normal day-to-day business operations. While working with our Technical Support services, we will help you define and implement a strategy that best meets your business needs and environment.

    Once the first full backup has completed, which will be identified in the report summaries delivered via email reporting, the manual processes are then turned off and suspended from your daily backup regime to become reliant on the dependable service reliability of Quantum RBS Inc. 24/7/365 monitored and managed data center service.

    Data backups after the first full backup completes much quicker, as the backups being performed moving forward only backup the changed algorithms of the data currently existing in offsite storage.

    Companies that have terabytes of data, often result in as much as a 4-6 hours for overnight backup. Many of these businesses will have upgraded or have already implemented fractional T1 communication lines to support speedier, larger volume bandwidth.

    2.) For large initial site backup projects, we offer a fee based, portable option.

    Using an external portable device drive, we prepare and configure this device for priority shipment to your location to begin and assist you with your first full backup. Once the device has completed the entire backup, we then by pre-paid overnight priority air, have delivered to our data center for quick copy to online storage. Once the data is copied at our secure vault center, we then perform a synchronization between your office and our location to resume automatic, continued daily performance.

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    How long does it take to Recover data?

    - Immediate daily, data restores.
    - Critical email, databases, folders and email services, within minutes.
    - Large, full-system recoveries.. less than 4 hours and within 24 hours.

    How important and how quickly do you need your data? Our speed in recovery is what sets us apart from other vendors attempting to offer similar reliability.

    Best Practices and Recommendations

    There are no initial capital hardware, software or licensing costs to implement Quantum RBS Inc. automatic offsite data backup and recovery services.

    Our software can be installed on any computer or server with adequate computing resources. While it can run on a desktop computer or notebook, in the corporate environment, it is recommended that you use the best hardware possible to maximize performance. Using the fastest brand names with multiple cpu's and multiple GB's of RAM provide increased and optimized efficiency.

    Minimum Hardware Requirements:

    Minimum hardware requirements

    Best practices are to setup what we term as a 'Backup Appliance'. The ideal situation is to use a separate and dedicated, powerful client computer or separate file server to perform and manage all day-to-day backup and restore services. There are a great many offices, that will elect and setup our service to operate on a high-end client computer that exists within the companies network.

    Setting up a dedicated backup appliance ensures optimized efficiency and provides reliability in the following:

    1) Migrations or segmenting data for load balancing.
    2) Critical services failures such as SQL databases or Email, can be recovered quickly and easily without disrupting network services.
    3) Optimized test restores and crash simulations.
    4) Administrative and network efficiency.

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    Training is provided via online conference and is offered free of charge to all new clients, Partners and Resellers.

    Training will covers the following topics:

    - Installation and setup.
    - Overview of Administrator console User Friendly Graphical Interface.
    - Defining and creating backup sets with optional filtering options.
    - Backup schedule definitions.
    - Backup email or pager notification.
    - Viewing/printing reports overview, event log and online file summary features.
    - Defining and creating retention policies specific to the needs of the company.
    - Testing and demonstrating rapid recovery of data to alternative locations.

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    Our Commitment

    Your business is unique in every aspect. At Quantum RBS Inc. we treat all of our clients with their own specific needs and uniqueness. Every client is assigned their own dedicated technical support agent that knows you, your business and will work closely with you, anytime you need them for your disaster planning, technical and recovery needs.

    Through our own customized and unique client database management tracking system, we monitor all client inquiries, issues and resolutions.

    You will not be greeted with a series of automated phone prompt menu's, but greeted with a friendly and cheerful agent that will handle and direct your call promptly to your own personalized agent. You will not be directed to an agent, that will forward your call to a variety of other departments or agents, to an agent in India or other foreign country whom you will experience difficulty in understanding. We provide personalized, one-on-one care, to give you the individual attention you deserve.

    At Quantum RBS Inc. our clients are our partners, not simply numbers on a budget sheet. We treat all our customers as their business were our very own. Individual, personalized and devoted attention to you and your needs is a service that Quantum RBS provides with great pride. A service which clients tell us time and time again, how much they truly enjoy and appreciate.

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    Free trial evaluation

    To begin your free trial evaluation, simply contact our office where one of our Technical Support service representatives will be pleased to assist you with the installation and setup. Using an online conference, they will be able to quickly have you setup and running in no time.

    Please call our toll-free number 1-866-855-2855 to learn how you can get started today!

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