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Quantum RBS Inc. Newsletter January, 2013

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New to Quantum RBS Customers
BYOD Backup & Recovery
The Future of Backup
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Quantum RBS Expands with New i Node in Montreal!Volume 7, January, 2013

The year 2013 marks Quantum RBS Inc.’s 8th year anniversary of providing reliable business continuity services to businesses throughout Canada. Since the beginning, our focus has been to provide the highest levels of integrity in the services we provide to our clients. We have expanded!

We are one of the few companies in Canada with 8 years in the cloud business. We are excited to announce, we are currently offering FREE trials for Virtual Disaster Recovery! If you are interested in having an instant fail-over of your servers in the cloud, we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity!

Quantum RBS Inc. is unique in Canada, as the only multi-site and enterprise scale cloud continuity providers.

In the News:

Storage Magazine 2012 Award of the Year

New for QRBS Customers:
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New Version 12: BYOD (Bring your own Device)

Keep your contact list, pictures, and all other important data safe in the cloud with the industry’s 1st cloud backup and recovery for notebooks, mobile tablets and smart-phone backup.

Quantum RBS is Hiring!     
Quantum RBS Inc. only hires certified, experienced, qualified data center technicians, to ensure that you will receive the best quality care, in a timely manner to your IT challenges.

Are you having server issues? Not enough Tech Support on-hand? Please let us know; we can help! (Free no-obligation consultation.)

Check out the video to hear more on the future of backup and why QRBS Inc. is engaged with Asigra.

Important Changes!

Email communications from Quantum RBS Inc. and its staff no longer come from ''.

All email communications from Quantum RBS Inc. will arrive from '' as we completely phase out ‘’.

When contacting Quantum RBS via Email please use the following matrix to ensure any issues are addressed promptly.

General questions:

Technical Support:



Also, please add "*" to your safe senders list.  How-to in Outlook; go to Home, the Delete Group, Junk Email Options, click on "Add" button. Place a check in "Automatically add people I e-mail to the Safe Senders List".

Security Enhancements and Valued Solutions Expansion

As a reliability-driven, security oriented, multi-site, multi-services vendor, we take great care in maintaining the highest level of availability, security and integrity to our client-services.

Our data centers adhere to strict site-access security practices, including but not limited to security guard clearance, retina scanners and fingerprint scanners.

In 2012, we upgraded our digital security systems from a software based firewall to an advanced hardware-based model, across all data center locations, backed by a team of Internet security experts.

In addition, we now offer Managed Security services including Managed Firewall, Email Security and Virus protection. If interested, please contact us for more information.

Committed to World-Class Service

We have grown a lot in 2012!

We've actioned changes to ensure that we continue to provide our clients prompt and friendly service as we continue to grow.

Rest assured, you will received dedicated, top-notch, one-on-one attention when you need it.

Providing reliable cloud-business continuity services for 8 years, our security has never been compromised. We remain devoted and committed to ensuring another 8 years of uncompromising quality, uncompromised service.

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Strict Adherence to Regulations and Compliance

As Quantum RBS Inc. services clients who are registered under the Controlled Goods Act of Canada, and a variety of highly sensitive client digital assets, in the medical, legal, educational and government sectors, we are required by law to ensure proper tracking, logging and monitoring.

One-stop! If you can't find IT, we likely know where and what IT is!

A great deal of what the Quantum RBS team was busy doing in 2012, was migrating its manual sales, client and partner relations, tracking system to a 24/7 ConnectWise Cloud Access solution.

ConnectWise as an enterprise level MSP, business relations management platform,we knew we had a great deal of of learning and customization ahead for our team. We are happy to report that we all now work within the platform, everyday, all day for instant status of any project, client, ticket or employee. We are also becoming better engaged with our Partners.

No more opening different databases and manually locating client paper files, printing emails and making sure we had our required service tracking. We not only can manage our client and partner relationships better, we maintain consistent client site configuration information, can configure and pre-schedule a series of Marketing and follow up campaigns through the click of a mouse and in record time. We have reduced our paper requirement by more than 50% and reduced our cost of operations by a value we have not yet calculated. ConnectWise has changed our lives! We look forward to working with you towards a greener, more productive, stress free 2013 year and beyond.

Thank you!
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