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Quantum RBS Inc. Newsletter January, 2013

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Real Backup of Virtual Environments
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Quantum RBS, Canada Chamber Affinity Rewards Program Partner Volume 9, December, 2013

Quantum RBS Inc. is proudly now a partner in The Affinity Rewards Program with The Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

As a National across Canada solution, people will know what your talking about. Protecting your business has never been easier or more affordable!

All Chamber offices and all member businesses, automatically qualify for a 15% discount. Designed for Enterprise, geared for you!

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We would like to welcome the newest members to the Quantum RBS, cloud-backup and recovery team:

Isabel da Rocha our New Account Manager, brings with her 5+ years of Legal and Corporate Accounting.

We also welcome Robert Hepburn, as our new Account Coordinator. With 10+ years in relationship building, client-management and Project Management, Robert is a valued contribution to the Quantum RBS team.

Rest assured, you are in good-hands. Robert and Isabel will gladly help you with any start up, service agreements, billing, client, partner development and account related issues.

Yes, We are Hiring again!
Quantum RBS Inc. is seeking a certified, experienced, and qualified data center technicians to join its growing business.

If you are looking for an enjoyable and rewarding career challenge, please visit opportunity posting here. Deadline, January 6th, 2014. Click here to Apply!

Real Backups of Virtual Environments

Quantum RBS enables enterprises to bridge the physical and virtual worlds, without having to pick point solutions for each. As the virtual server market matures and becomes part of the "new world order" of cloud computing, companies that choose to select strategies that are not Local Virtual and/or Cloud-Virtual, you choose!

adequate to deliver the granular recovery demanded by the business. More importantly, the cost associated with traditional or agent-based technologies essentially negates many of the cost advantages of visualization. Quantum RBS delivers a simple, elegant and cost-effective agent less solution that enables the enterprise to optimize their visualization strategy while achieving superior information protection and recovery management without performance degradation, Virtual-server -- XenSource, VMWare, Hyper-V, Parallels, Virtual Iron.

The Benefits of Agentless Backup

Traditional agent-based backup and recovery forces the enterprise into a series of unattractive choices.

Agent-based technologies pollute the virtual environment. Agents, by their nature, lack cohesion. The need to physically install and manage agents on each application within the virtual server and each machine on the LAN is time - and labor - intensive. A single agent adds as much as 16% server overhead to each application. Add to that, the security risk and cost of each agent and it becomes quite clear. Agent-based backup and recovery dramatically impact the TCO and performance of the virtual environment. From an information recovery perspective, the trend towards visualization has a major impact on information recovery management:

Agents can increase overhead by as much as 16%

Applications run isolated and utilize the hardware more efficiently. Before visualization, any backup activity could likely afford to take away some hardware resources from the underutilized application server (CPU, power, RAM); with visualization this may add up to much. A small 5% resource utilization for a backup agent on a physical machine may go unnoticed. However in a Visualization Server running 10 O/S instances, this will add up to 50% resource utilization (on top of the fact that the visualization server is not under-utilized anymore, as the physical machine was).

Any hardware connection will likely be abstracted away. Data protection software cannot rely anymore on the physical location of data remaining fixed as storage resources may be migrated at any time by IT administrators to improve processing efficiency. The introduction of console-less (COS-less) visualization servers, prevent backup applications from running on the visualization host operating system.

Most applications are expected to be available as a "virtual appliance," isolated from other applications. This applies to backup applications as well, where an ability to deploy a backup appliance on both physical and virtualized servers, as well as centralized deployment without any agents, is required.

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From the Team at Quantum RBS Inc. we would like to extend the very best of the Holiday Season to your and yours as well as all the best for the 2014 New Year!

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