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Cloud-Backup -- Multi O/S, Multi-Site, Multi-Server Agentless Architecture

WAC Utility Based Billing:

At Quantum RBS we offer affordability in ensuring you only pay for what you use. Our unique utility based billing is based on measurements of CPU, WAN, Eco-focused Power usage and average 60-90% data compression with lower cost archiving.

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  • Up to 1TB for $50.00/month.
We are one of the lowest-cost solutions of its class in Canada.

Partner and Client Pricing Discounts Based on Volume

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Small Business

Small Business, Standalone, Peer-to-Peer & ideal Notebook Computers (Native Windows and MAC ® Only) .
As volumes increase, unit price decreases!

Package Description Service Level Monthly Rate (Canada)
Basic: 2GB Max $9.95
Bronze: 4GB Max $12.95
Silver: 6GB Max $18.95
Gold: 10GB Max $24.95
Premium: 30GB Max $59.95
Elite: Over 30GB Max
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Volume Discounts
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