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Security is always a concern when dealing with the Internet and especially when transferring personal files and sensitive information.
Not only is it important to our customers, but it is also a prime concern of Quantum RBS Inc. Without security in every aspect of our service, our own business and reputation would be in jeopardy. That is why we have taken substantial precautions to ensure the security of your data not only while in transit to the data center, but also while stored at the data center. The following are overviews of the ways in which you are protected.

   Physical Security

   Co-location sites have barriers with 24x7 security personnel.    Co-location equipment is locked in cage with sensors and    alarm system. All visitors require pre-authorization and    photographic identification. Magnetic card key readers    controls access to connected in-house data facility. All    access to computer equipment is logged. Most traditional    backup systems do not store your data with any level of    protection. A zip drive, CD, or tape can easily be read by    someone if it were to come into their possession.    Consequently, we believe that our online solution is actually    a safer and more secure method of protecting your data.

Network Protection

All transport activity is limited to a single TCP port. All connections to port are authenticated by valid account and password. Failed access attempts are logged, closely monitored and reviewed. Best operating system and database security practices are followed. Only software necessary to provide the service is running.
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