Youth Long Sleeve Undershirt - The Ultimate Baselayer for Active Living

Welcome to the world of Youth Long Sleeve Undershirt, the ideal choice for young individuals who lead active lives. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, fitness fanatic, or someone who simply embraces a dynamic lifestyle, this baselayer is designed to provide outstanding performance and comfort.

Encouraging Children to Maintain a Passion for Exercise
Key Features:

Material Excellence

Crafted with a blend of 85% Polyester and 15% Spandex (Lycra), this undershirt boasts exceptional elasticity and durability. The material offers a snug, supportive fit, acting as a second skin that doesn’t restrict your movements.

Versatile for All Seasons

This baselayer is versatile and suitable for year-round use. It keeps you warm on cooler days without the bulk of fleece, making it perfect for most moderately chilly weather. As temperatures rise, the moisture-wicking fabric technology ensures rapid sweat evaporation, keeping you cool and dry.

Chafe-Free Design

Bid farewell to discomfort from chafing during intense activities. Smooth flat seams minimize chafing, even during extended wear. This baselayer is built to withstand the rigors of your active lifestyle.

Enhancing Soccer Performance with Youth Long Sleeve Undershirt

Enhanced Athletic Performance:

Our undershirt is crafted from a high-quality blend of 85% Polyester and 15% Spandex (Lycra), providing unmatched elasticity and durability. This material allows your child to move with ease, offering a second-skin fit that supports their muscles during soccer matches and practice sessions.


Temperature Control:

Youth soccer can be physically demanding, and our undershirt is designed to help maintain an ideal body temperature. Whether your child is playing on a chilly evening or under the sun’s heat, the fabric’s moisture-wicking technology ensures that sweat is rapidly evaporated, keeping them comfortable and focused on the game.


Protection from Chafing:

Soccer involves a lot of running and movement, which can sometimes lead to discomfort from chafing. Our undershirt features smooth flat seams that minimize friction, ensuring that your child can play without worrying about skin irritation.


Optimal Mobility:

With our 4-Way-Stretch fabric, your child will enjoy excellent mobility and flexibility on the soccer field. The non-abrasion spandex fabric offers maximum durability, allowing them to perform at their best in every game.

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